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    Not sure what the exact issue is, but I’ve been spending a few hours trying to fix this without any luck.

    Currently I have a page which includes multiple layersliders, as well as a color selection. The layersliders are the set up the exact same way as I always do, and when I leave out the color selections it’s working fine: they’re full-width.

    However, as soon as I include color selections on the page as well (see, all layersliders from that point on will not appear in full-width (see From that point on there are other bugs on the page as well.

    I spend multiple hours on this – including starting from scratch. As soon as the layerslider + color selection are on the same page, the same thing happens..

    I’m currently on a deadline (got 2h left), so I’m really hoping you guys can help out fast..


    Hey emarky!

    We’ll need to see the site live an inspect the issue to get a quick idea of what might be happening.

    Best regards,

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    There is something else at play, with a quick test I can have multiple Sliders and color sections on a page without issue.

    If you can add admin credentials here as a private reply we can log in and take a look to see whats going on. My guess is an unclosed div somewhere which is closing out the main content div prematurely.

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    I can’t spot what is causing it to happen on your site specifically but I duplicated the layout exactly on my live dev site and am not having any issues.

    One thing you can try is to disable all active plugins and then re-save the page. See if that helps. If so, re-enable them one by one to find the conflict.

    Additionally, you can try re-uploading the theme files via FTP again just to make sure there is no issue with a corrupted file or something like that.


    Thanks – I discovered it’s a bug with the Yoast SEO plugin. Not sure who’s fault it is, but at least I can move forward for now. Thanks again!


    One thing that remains is the fact that I can only save each post once – then I get a loading icon and it doesn’t do anything else. I need to close down the editor and start over again (e.g. go to pages > edit to be able to edit that page).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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