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    I noticed that main navigation doesn’t stay up top of the page. It flows around blocking the content on the page. Here are the screenshots.

    Thank you,


    Hello omakad!

    Can you choose responsive layout in Enfold theme options and try again? I personally checked your site on my iphone and there was no problem.
    And please post the link to your website, i knew it from your other post but other team members might like to check your website on their android devices



    We don’t want to use the responsive layout so that would not resolve my issue, and you are correct, it works on the iPhone but it doesn’t work on Android. I tried on two different models and it does the same thing :(

    Link is mold and odor resolution (dot) com



    Just checked the site on my end and I’m not getting the same issue as in the screenshot. If you scroll down suddenly there is a breif instance where it seems to be mid page but scrolling slowly or navigating throughout the site i’m not actually getting it.

    This is with 2.3 and 4.1 Android OS.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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