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    I’m working with the Enfold theme, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to assign Section IDs to my main menu items, to get the top menu to trigger scrolling to sections on a one-page website. I want to get my menu items, to trigger scrolling to sections on this page, rather than link to separate pages.

    I’ve assigner Section IDs to the color sections I want to serve as my anchor points, and I found what I thought was a starting point, by identifying the menu item numbers of each of the top menu selections I want to modify… but I got lost after that and couldn’t find anything to help on the forums.

    Please help! Thanks!


    1) Just add a custom ID to the color sections. Based on your post above I guess you already added the id to the section. Write it down somewhere or remember it.

    2) Then go to Appearance > Menus and use the a custom links option to add the section link to your menu items:


    Thanks, that was simpler than I thought! I got it working but I have an issue now… my top menu item button states appear to be disabled.

    I may be tweaking my page, so this link may not work when you get to it, but to give a sense of what I mean:

    I didn’t expect the selected state to function, because the selections are all dynamic and tied to anchors/section IDs now, but can I still have over and activate states? Or at least over? I find it gets confusing, just reading the selections and being able to differentiate the options, and know what you’re clicking into as it is.




    Please check the Page Attributes of the pages listed on the menus. I think they are all child of Home, not sure but please check.

    Add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS for hover state:

    .header_color .main_menu ul:first-child > li a:hover {
    color: red;




    Hi. i’ve the same problem, in a one-page site is it possible to make active the menù items only when users scroll the page in the relative sections?

    now each menu item that i linked to a section of the homepage is active (with the color line under the link) is possible to have this underline only if i scroll to the relative section? or in alternative can i set off this underline to avoid problems?

    thanks in advance

    Agenzia Piras


    Right now it’s not possible to mark a “section” link as active menu item if the user scrolls to the section. If you want to avoid that all section links are marked as “active” just use the section id as url. I.e. instead of “” just use “#contact”. I’ll look into it though – maybe we can add this feature in a future update…



    Just felt a need to comment on this again.

    I had the same issue as Agenzi, and got the header item roll-over states to work as they should by only using the hashtaged section ids, as you’ve suggested. However, I just want to point out that if you choose to add anything to your header that navigates to a different page, a blog area for instance, all those header items pointing only to a hashtag are rendered useless, so you can’t really mix the two.

    That’s actually an issue I’m having now, so it’d be great if you could resolve this in a future update.



    Another update…

    I also just tried bringing back the full urls with hashtag labeled sections, to test out mixing links to new pages (since I wanted to explore the possibility of a blog section) and links to anchor labeled sections in a single page (my primary one-page site).

    Roll-over and activate states aside, the anchor labeled main menu items don’t seem to work properly when I navigate away and then try to reenter a specific area in my one page layout. For my test I tried navigating away, then back into the lowest section of my page. It loaded scrolled down the page, but short of the section I wanted, about halfway up the section above it. I would have to click main menu button again once the page had loaded to get it to scroll to the right area.

    It looks like I’m going to have to just not have a blog area in order to avoid any of these issues. I’m not much of a blogger, but it kind of sucks to have to omit.

    I’m guessing there’s no workaround for these issues at the moment, but I hope this feedback helps




    Thanks for the heads up. Let me tag Kriesi. :)



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