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    One of the submenus (THEMES) is not opening anymore on mobile and iPad.
    You can try any post in French (like : http://www.newpointdeview.com/pro/interviews/match-sociologique-france-russie-en-italie/).
    All other submenus (build in the same manner) seem working properly.

    Any idea?


    Hey Anton,

    Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? To do this, you can make a post with the following info:

    – Link to your site
    – WordPress Admin username / password
    – FTP credentials

    Don’t forget to select Set as private reply. This ensures your information is only visible to our staff.

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    everything is in private.


    Hi guys,

    any insights?



    Which of the submenus is not working – so we can try understand can you help us please?

    Best regards,



    I mentioned it at the beginning : THEMES
    Check this out: picture

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    Hi Anton,

    Please refer to this thread for a possible solution.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    But this is not a solution, putting a link in the THEME (which is simply a megamenu title) in order to make it clickable.
    For example, in my megamenu BLOG there is a link to the blog, but now if I choose “do not create a clone” this link becomes unusable…

    So is there any other solutions for THEME (megamenu without a link)?



    Sorry for the late reply due to summer holidays.

    We updated the logic for the burger menus. Until the next update of Enfold can you please update the file enfold\js\avia.js. Please replace the complete content of this file with the RAW paste content of


    This link is valid for one week. Make sure to make a copy of the original file to have a fallback and that you are using Enfold 4.1.2.

    If you have problem we can do the update for you, please give us FTP access to your server.

    Let us know, if this helped you.

    Best regards,



    thank you, I’ve made the change.

    But since you have been talking about the ‘logic’ of burger menus, why wouldn’t you do possible different clicks on the submenus which do / don’t have links?
    For example, if you check my menu BLOG (www.newpointdeview.com/mag/) — “SOMMAIRE”, “Rubriques PRO”, “Rubriques MAG” have a link, but are not possible to be used on mobile devices. And FORMATS and LANGUES don’t have any links, so it’s ok, just to open its submenus.

    I mean why wouldn’t it be possible to click on the left (the name of the menu) to follow the link (if there is one) and on the right (little arrow) to open the submenu ???



    Thank you for your suggestions. I will forward it to Kriesi, what he thinks about it.

    Meanwhile, select “Create a clone for the title menu item”. This makes the top menus available as a submenu when they have a link.

    Best regards,


    Yeah, thank you for the advice. I know about the clones, but taking into consideration my menu is already huge, the clones will make it TOO heavy…

    Glad if I could help



    Glad we could help you also. Feel free to come back with further questions or problems.

    Enjoy the theme and have a nice day.

    Best regards,

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