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    Hi, I’ve used the MailChimp ALB element and all is working well apart from a couple things.

    The API is working fine, my list appears, I can subscribe to it etc.

    The problem I’m encountering is;
    1. When I unsubscribe an email from my MailChimp list and try to re-subscribe via my Enfold MailChimp element, the element returns, ‘this email address is already subscribed, thank you!’ and won’t allow me to subscribe back to my MailChimp list.

    2. If people haven’t confirmed their email address via the emails that are sent via MailChimp (and are therefore not subscribed to my list), when I type their email address back in to the element it is again returning, ‘this email address is already subscribed, thank you!’ instead of resending the MailChimp confirmation email.

    I can see in my Newsletter options in the Enfold Theme Settings that the API recognises that I don’t have the people I’m trying to re-subscribe signed up to my newsletter (it’s only showing 2 subscribers which are not the one’s I’m trying to re-subscribe), but still, the Enfold MailChimp element still thinks these unsubscribed and uncompleted email signups are subscribed to my list.

    Is there a solution for this?

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    Hey davidghicks,

    does this happen when you try to do those things manually inside of your mailchimp account too?

    Best regards,


    Hi, it works fine doing it manually inside my MailChimp account.

    I’ve just checked by typing in a previously entered (and unsubscribed) email address into the manual ‘Add Subscribers’ option in MailChimp. MailChimp moved that email address from the Unsubscribed list over to the Subscribed list without any problems.




    1.) Please read through the following documentations. Make sure that you delete the user because unsubscribed users cannot subscribe again.

    // http://kb.mailchimp.com/lists/managing-subscribers/how-to-remove-subscribers

    2.) They have to confirm the email themselves. You cannot enter it in the element because they are already considered as subscribe. Adding a note about the double opt-in process beside the form should help prevent this.

    Best regards,

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