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    Would support mind telling me what the exact layout settings is for Magazine as in demo V10. I have tried several configurations, but the either the magazine slider is too small or too big and pixelated.

    I would like to have it the exact layout in the demo with the sidebar below the main accordion slider.

    This is what I had done (and it still does render correctly)

    Added color section (I have tried with and without) so I can have full width above sidebar.
    I added accordion slider to the colour section (with and without)
    I set the accordion at 1500×430
    It was set to pick up categories
    The sidebar was checked to use right sidebar
    The sidebar setting is a custom sidebar.

    None of the above works.



    Hey Vincent,

    Is this the demo page you are referring to ?

    If your installation is a fresh one without any data you can try importing the demo content it will give you the exact settings. if you already have made some custom changes in the theme options settings importing demo will reset theme options settings. To avoid that enable debug mode and import the short code for the page.

    [av_slideshow_accordion slide_type='entry-based' link='category' items='5' offset='0' size='featured' title='no-mobile' autoplay='true' interval='5'][/av_slideshow_accordion]
    [av_magazine link='category' items='5' offset='0' tabs='aviaTBtabs' thumbnails='aviaTBthumbnails' heading_active='aviaTBheading_active' heading='Economy' heading_link='category,136' heading_color='theme-color' heading_custom_color='#ffffff' first_big='aviaTBfirst_big' first_big_pos='left']
    [av_magazine link='category' items='5' offset='0' tabs='aviaTBtabs' thumbnails='aviaTBthumbnails' heading_active='aviaTBheading_active' heading='Lifestyle' heading_link='category,138' heading_color='green' heading_custom_color='#ffffff' first_big='aviaTBfirst_big' first_big_pos='left']
    [av_hr class='invisible' height='20' shadow='no-shadow' position='center']
    [av_postslider link='category' columns='3' items='9' offset='0' contents='title' preview_mode='auto' image_size='portfolio' autoplay='no' interval='5']
    [av_one_half first]
    [av_magazine link='category,140' items='5' offset='0' tabs='aviaTBtabs' thumbnails='aviaTBthumbnails' heading_active='aviaTBheading_active' heading='Science' heading_link='category,140' heading_color='teal' heading_custom_color='#ffffff' first_big='aviaTBfirst_big' first_big_pos='top']
    [av_magazine link='category' items='5' offset='0' tabs='aviaTBtabs' thumbnails='aviaTBthumbnails' heading_active='aviaTBheading_active' heading='Health' heading_link='category,141' heading_color='red' heading_custom_color='#ffffff' first_big='aviaTBfirst_big' first_big_pos='top']

    Best regards,


    Hi Vinay,

    Thank you for the response.

    I tried as you suggested. I enabled debug mode and used your suggested code to copy the layout of Magazine V10.

    Unfortunately, the following issues were raised:

    I couldn’t get the top Magazine slider to sit on top of the sidebar. I then added the Magazine slider to a colour section and this didn’t work too well either. When I did get it working after I removed the colour section – the height of the slider was too big and it pixelated the featured entry posts.

    The borders of the sidebar etc. was too dark and not light like the demo.

    I have had to remove what I did.

    Any ideas?



    Would you mind providing a precise link to your site, showing the elements in question? We need to be able to inspect them in order to help :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your reply. I’ll start again with what the issues are and what I have done so far, and include a login in the private area below as the site is not live yet.
    What I have done:
    I am in the process of migrating an older site to the Enfold template in which I am customising.
    I have so far migrated all past blog posts to the blog area.
    I have enabled debug mode and copied over the code for magazine layout – however this did not work and I have now reverted.
    What the problem is:
    I want the main blog category to be like the homepage of the Magazine layout.
    When I attempt to do this, the top magazine slider becomes too big (height) and everything looks pixelated.
    It does not sit on top of the sidebar (I created a sidebar for the blog main page only) – name of sidebar is: Main Blog – home
    Basically, I want the layout to look like this:




    I checked page in question, but there is not any content. Please check.

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy,

    There is content, lots of it. Please re-read my support request.

    The reason you are not seeing content is that the magazine settings are not working correctly and I had to remove magazine which in turn removed the content from view. (However, I have now replaced the magazine settings, and it is still the same – broken. Furthermore, there is no sidebar, and the borders are really dark black.

    Once again: Basically, I want the layout to look like this:


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    it doesn’t work for us if you send us an empty page, because we need to be able to inspect the elements in question. So please make sure we can see what you are talking about on the links you are providing to us.

    I’ve re-read your support request and it’s still quite unclear to me what you mean and what you want to change, because I can’t see any issues on your website:

    View post on

    Images have the same height as on the page and do not look pixelated or anything to me.

    You can change border color in Enfold->General Styling->Main Content->Border colors

    Activate your sidebar when editing the page and scroll down + look on the right side for “Layout->Sidebar Settings”.

    Best regards,



    Thank you for your reply.

    Firstly, the page looks nothing like the one in the demo for Magazine. The slider in magazine is shorter.
    Secondly. the sidebar is activated, if you read my request, part of the problem is the sidebar. However, even with it being activated it does not work or display.
    Thirdly, I know where to change the border colour and it was changed but still displaying dark borders. To prove that point here is the colour setting #e1e1e1

    BTW: this problem is on Chrome and Firefox (latest versions). Any chance you could re-assign this issue to someone else who could have a ‘closer’ look?





    not sure what you mean by “the slider in magazine is shorter”, can you provide us screenshots of what you mean please? Please make sure that you make things clear to us.

    I checked your slider again and it looks totally good to me:

    View post on

    The only difference might be that you are using different images with different image sizes. Use the same image sizes to get the exact same result.

    I see that your sidebar is not appearing, which is weird. I created a test site with the exact same content as yours and it worked fine for me (link in private content). So simply create a new site and it should work fine.

    In the future please open different tickets for different questions/issues, as it gets very confusing otherwise for us moderators and for other people trying to search for help in our forum.

    Best regards,


    Okay, I’ll address each point again – I’m not sure why I should have to open a new thread for each issue when they are all related. Clearly something is wrong here on one page only. I have already tried several times to redo this entire page including deleting the blog page and starting again. I’m not willing to keep doing this when it is clearly not working.

    POINT: 1
    The height of the slider of the Magazine demo is: 430px. The height of my slider is: 450px it makes no sense.

    Use the same image sizes to get the exact same result.

    What are those image sizes then? Why isn’t there any clear documentation on this?

    POINT: 2
    This doesn’t solve the issue of the sidebar. It is still broken and still not displaying. Why should I open a new site? I’m confused by your remark, are you saying that I should delete this entire site with all the content I have migrated over and start again? Firstly, that is counterproductive, and I don’t have the luxury of time to do this again. hence, I purchased a further template and came here for support.

    POINT: 3
    Okay, I can open another thread for this specific issue as it is sitewide.

    BTW: I saw your page demo on that private link. This is incorrect as it shows the sidebar full length. I can do that easily. I was trying to get it to look like the demo here:

    I just renamed the URL /blog to /blog-test and this seemed to work okay, which is quite weird. I then renamed /blog-test back to /blog and it is still working. This time, the border colour issue also repaired itself, same as the sizing of the slider. I don’t know why and what caused the problem, it wasn’t a plugin. I wonder if it is something to do with opting to have the logo in the centre of the header?

    Final question – what should be the size of the featured images for it to display correctly in the magazine accordion slider?


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    1.) When you import the demo then you can see exactly which image sizes are used, so no need for any additional documentation about this. Moreover you can inspect the images and then you can see that the images in question are about 1155 x 430 px.

    2.) No need to do everything from scratch, just copy your shortcodes and use them when creating a new site. One minute of your time only :).

    3.) Thanks.

    Best regards,


    Thank you again and much appreciated.

    I don’t agree and I don’t believe many others would agree that we should have to copy demo content to find out correct sizes of images, that is not the correct way of writing documentation. Copying demo clogs up the site with unwanted images and other pages.

    Thanks for the heads up on the correct image sizes. :)




    you’re welcome. Let us know in a new ticket if you have some more questions related to the theme. We are happy to assist you.

    Best regards,

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