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    I converted all the jpeg and png photos on one of my Enfold websites to WebP files, using the Imagify plugin.

    Some problems I have encountered:

    – PNG files are still displayed as PNG files on the website, so the WebP file created from the PNG is not used by the Enfold theme.

    – Photos that are in full circle shape on the website are no longer fully round as a WebP photo, but have a straight bottom.

    – I have a Full-width Easy Slider element at the top of the page, where in the settings Styling/Slider minimum height in pixels, I set the minimum height in pixels to 200px. With a jpeg photo this works, however with WebP photos this setting apparently no longer works. This can be seen on a mobile view, the photo is then no longer 200px high (with a WebP file instead of a jpeg file).

    – In a Color Section element, with a photo as background, and the Background Attachment set to Fixed, no WebP image is used, but the jpeg photo is used by Enfold.

    The issues with PNG, the Full-width Easy slider and the Color Section element can be seen on this page:

    The issues with the full circle images can be seen here:

    Thank your for your help!

    Best Wishes,


    Hey Alwin,

    It looks fine on my end: If you need further help with this plugin, then please try reaching out to their support. We can’t provide support for it unfortunately.

    Best regards,


    Hello Rikard,

    Thank you for your help!

    I found out what caused the issues with the Imagify plugin in combination with the Enfold theme:

    In the Imagify plugin there are 2 options to display webp images:
    1 – Use <picture> Tags Option
    2- Use Rewrite Rules Option

    The first option is the default and recommended option, but it will cause some issues as I described before.
    When switching to the second option, the issues are gone and the Imagify plugin works smoothly with the Enfold theme.

    More info about this:

    Might be useful to know for other Enfold users who want to use this plugin.

    Best Wishes,



    Thanks for sharing :-)

    Best regards,

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