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    Hi there

    I have recently taken over a site developed with Enfold, which I presume was originally purchased by the previous site developer.

    The client has no record of the purchase of her theme or the envato login details.

    I have purchased the Enfold theme for two other clients, but am presuming that my login details will now allow the theme updates without the correct licence key.

    Can you tell me the process for retrieving the login details in this situation?

    Kind regards



    Hi ivolutionconsulting!

    We actually have no connection with ThemeForest to be able to see anything like that. You can try contacting Kriesi directly through the contact form here on the site and I’ll tag him here as well.

    Otherwise you would need to contact ThemeForest since they handle all purchasing/accounts for the theme purchase and download.

    Best regards,



    I am afraid the only ways to get to those credentials are either by getting in touch with the previous designer and get the credentials or by contacting themeforest support with enough crucial information of the account that purchased the theme (like email, name, purchase code or order number etc) and convince them to credit your account with the purchase.

    I am afraid that themeforest does not share the information with us so we can’t pass it along…

    Sorry for that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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