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    Good morning together
    I have been creating a new page

    There is a menu entry:
    “Unsere Arbeit”
    This is a porfolio
    If I click on “Komplettlösungen” there, this will appear correctly
    there I can then navigate with the arrows to the left and right (Loop post navigation)
    Is it possible to display these arrows on your mobile device?

    The second is
    on this page there are two parallax sections
    full wide
    can I also display them in a narrower way?

    Thank you and nice greetings Franz



    Thanks for contacting us!

    1- Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options > General Styling tab

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .responsive #top .avia-post-nav {
        display: block;

    2- Can you please post a screenshot and show the changes you would like to make? You can upload your screenshots on or Dropbox public folder and post the links here :)

    Best regards,


    Hello Ygit
    thanks for your message
    that fits with the navigation super

    The second question was:
    I have made a section with picture
    I want me to make these narrower
    in the wide of the map

    Thank you and nice greetings Franz



    You can add following code to Quick CSS

    #standort .container {
        padding: 0;
        max-width: 100%;
        width: 100%;

    You could insert Google Maps element under Media Elements tab of ALB instead of using shortcode in Text Block element :)

    Best regards,


    hello Yigit
    Thank you for the quick feedback
    sorry, I think I was wrong

    I want to use the section with the text “Unser Büro in Triesen / Im Fürstentum Liechtenstein”
    equals to make you wide as you map

    Thank you and nice greetings



    Could you please try setting your text size to 49px? That should increase the width of the text and keep it on the same line :)

    Best regards,


    Hello Yigit
    my English is just not so good:

    I want to narrow the whole section
    the whole picture

    Thank you and nice greetings



    Now i understand :)

    Could you please try using 1/1 column element instead and upload background image to your column? Then you can insert Special Heading element to your column to display your text.

    Best regards,


    Hello Yigit
    thank you for your efforts
    I just can’t do it

    you can take a look at me
    Images parallax as wide as map
    Thank you and nice greetings



    Thank you for the update.

    We added the following code in the Quick CSS field to adjust the width of the triesen section and change the background color of the main container.

    #triesen {
        max-width: 1220px;
        margin: 0 auto;
        float: none;
    #main, .avia-msie-8 .av_header_sticky_disabled#header {
    	background-color: #3c3c3c;

    We can also use a 1/1 column as Yigit suggested, but it doesn’t have the fixed or parallax background effect.

    Best regards,


    Hello Ismael
    This works perfectly now
    Thank you very much

    only a small question
    where can I find the “main container”

    Beautiful greetings


    Hi Franz,

    Glad Ismael could help!

    You can adjust the background color of main container in following code Ismael added for you

    #main, .avia-msie-8 .av_header_sticky_disabled#header {
    	background-color: #3c3c3c;

    Best regards,


    Many thanks
    Helped me a lot
    You can close this request

    beautiful greetings


    Hi schweg33,

    Glad we could help :)

    We are closing the thread.
    Best regards,

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