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    Please provide a url to the page in question since we need to look at live code to be able to answer this question, as well as see which version of the theme you are using since there are differences, as well as the type of header, etc… You can use to hide the destination url from google bots.


    In March of 2013, IE7 finally went below 1% usage in East Uganda, Patagonia and among the indigenous people of the Amazon river basin ( )

    If you put all the people who use IE7 into a small stadium and called in the fire marshal, he would say there is no problem and many empty seats left.

    At this stage IE7 is no longer supported by anyone and even major retail websites now charge an additional tax on purchases from customers using IE7 ( ) …

    You have to remember that IE7 users are used to seeing the web as a broken mess of pages, non working forms, sliders that never slide and basically a pile of images, text and fonts clumped around the page in between blinking warnings and errors. If you show them a working page, it will only confuse and scare them.

    What I mean to say is, please don’t support IE7 and let that buggy diseased piece of software die quietly since you are better off customizing for the new North Korean browser – the long awaited Kim Jong 3000 – to be released once the wiring is upgraded for telegraph modems…



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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