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    Hey fonterra!

    Can you post the link to your website? Please update Enfold to the latest version 2.6.2 if you have not already, it should fix the issue


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    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    .html_header_top.html_logo_center .logo { margin-left: -50px\9; }


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    Nope, still doesn’t work. Do you want me to give you a login?



    I edited the code, can you try it now?

    Best regards,


    which code? .html_header_top.html_logo_center .logo { margin-left: -50px\9: }?



    Yes, i realized i made a punctional mistake. Please copy and paste it now



    Thanks, that centred the logo, but my background is still not showing.


    actually, sorry it’s still slightly to the left, but not as much as before.


    Also, my pages that have porftolios are not showing at all on mobile devices anymore…


    I managed to get the header background showing in IE8, I set the filter to none :)

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    Can you try deactivating all active plugins and check if that helps?



    Ive already tried that



    Thank you for using the theme!

    I checked the website on mobile view by resizing the screen and all the pages that you mentioned shows up fine. I haven’t tried on an it actual device but I’ll ask Devin and Josue to check it. If you don’t mind as asking, what kind of mobile device are you testing this with?

    On the other hand, the background on IE8 is rendering properly and the logo is properly centered.

    The only thing that I think needs fixing is the logo on mobile view. You can add this on Quick CSS or custom.css:

    @media all and (max-width: 767px) {
    .responsive .mobile_slide_out .logo img {
    margin: 0 0 0 150px;

    I hope this helps. Please wait for Devin and Josue to respond.



    Thanks for the reply. I’ve been using and iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy 3 for testing. And I’ve tested in both Chrome and Safari on the iPhone.


    Hi, I’m still waiting for Devin or Josue to reply in regards to my mobile issues and page not showing.



    I marked the thread for Devin – afaik he can test it with an iphone.



    Hi, not to worry, I actually just worked it out a few minutes ago. I had some extra code that was setting those pages to display none. Thanks for getting back to me, appreciate it.

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