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    i increse de height of the header and now is ovelapping the slider any clue to solve it?



    i also try incresing padding to match the height to 156px in the quick css area but nothing happens

    .fixed_header.social_header #main{ padding-top:156px; }

    it´s one day since my first post i am getting disapointed



    I think the padding and line height are way too big.

    We would need to see the url to the site and actually look at the code in order to provide you with css to fix this, an image alone is not helpful. You can put the link to your site inside in order to hide it.




    Hi nick thanks for your answer, here is the site I wait for your feedback



    Hi smorrone,

    You should *never* modify the theme’s css files directly. Instead, always add your css changes to either the Quick CSS field in the theme styling options tab or the custom.css file in the css folder.

    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    .fixed_header.social_header #main {
    padding-top: 188px;

    This will push the main container down far enough that your new larger header will not overlap.

    I posted this in your other topic on the same issue but just as an FYI our Queue system goes by oldest post to newest. So when you self respond to your own post it actually pushes the post to the end of the line.

    Typically we respond within 24 hours and only get to that point when we are very very busy like we are right now.




    Hi Devin thanks for your answer and directions. I know exactly what i have modified in the css files directly, so is easy to put it back in the original way or even safer replace with the original file and go back as i never touched anything.

    I tryed your instructions and works fine on desktop, not tested yet on mobile devices. Thanks.

    Now, i want to keep tidy the code of the site so i wil preciate if you can tell me if its good to replace the theme css with the original file, and apply this modifications via Quick CSS? If the answer is “yes” exactly what i should i put in the Quick Css, besides the last piece of code you gave me.

    Thanks for your support, i never in the future going to duplicate trheads, and also never touching again directly the theme css files.

    Waiting for your feedback

    best regards



    Yes, you can just add your css to either the Quick CSS field or you can add your css to the custom.css file in the themes css folder.

    All you will need to add is the css you’ve modified including the selector. So you would just add:

    .fixed_header.social_header #main {
    padding-top: 188px;

    and then if you have any other css items they would go in there as well.

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