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    Hi Support,

    I need to create my logo to fix on header with overlay effect like:

    May i know what is the css behind?



    hi @swotmarketing;
    try with these lines of CSS code ;

    .html_header_top.html_logo_center .logo { left: 53% !important;}
    .logo {height: 300px !important; width: 300px !important;} (change only the size of your logo)
    .avia-fullwidth-slider.avia-builder-el-0{border-top:none;margin-top: 212px !important;}

    Hi begrafiks,

    Thanks for replied.

    I tried your code does not work.

    .logo {
     z-index: 999999!important;
     position: fixed!important;
     height: 196px!important;
     width: 160px!important; 
     text-shadow: 2px 2px!important;
    .av-section-bottom-logo {
      position: fixed!important;
      width: 100%!important;
      height: 15%!important;
      z-index: 999!important;

    But it works when i applied above code. But i like it to be shrink smaller when scroll down. May i know what code i should you in this case?


    hi @swotmarketing;
    once I’ve used the code below to have a “big” logo at left which shrinks :
    use it at your own tisque !

    .responsive .logo {display: block !important}
    .logo, .logo a{overflow: visible !important;}
    .logo img {height: 170%; max-height: 260px !important;}


    Thanks for sharing @begrafiks, did you try it out @swotmarketing ?

    Best regards,

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