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    I’ve uploaded a logo into my header bar, it looks fine when I view it on a pc using oldish version of mozilla. A friend using a mac [with version 24 of firefox, and with safari 5.1.9.] sees only a thumbnail version of the logo on the ‘home ‘ page, whereas it’s fine on the other pages.[originally I accidentally ticked ‘thumbnail’ box for size when putting logo in, then amended this when I realised my error] We’re baffled. I can get him to send a screenshot if it helps.
    My site is
    This is my first attempt at making a website so when replying don’t assume much grasp of technology!
    i’m delighted with the theme so far and how easy it’s been for a newbie like me to make something I’m happy with.


    Hey pcastell!

    I just checked your website on Chrome, Firefox and IE on Win7 and your logo looks fine. Screenshot would help, so please post it and we’ll look into it



    Thank you Yigit for your response. My friend also told me it is looking ok on his monitor now, so I don’t know what happened there, some delay in updating.. At least I know if that happens again just to wait a few hours.
    best wishes and thank again, great to know help is at hand! [Hope you won’t be hearing from me too much! ]



    You are welcome! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions or issues :)



    Problem in Chrome is that the logo doesn’t SHRINK when you scroll up like it does in Internet Explorer.
    Can you fix this? or is there documentation to solve this problem?

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    It does, tested in Chrome 30 (OS X).



    For past couple months, I’ve been trying it in Chrome 30 (Windows) and it the logo remains the larger full size.
    Even the demo at
    It shrinks in IE (Windows) – but remains large in Chrome (Windows).



    can you post the link to your website?



    I have an experimental (playing around) site at
    but I see the same behavior at your site

    AND I just discovered something interesting…

    The logo does NOT shrink in Windows 8.0 (Chrome) — BUT the logo DOES shrink in Windows 8.1 Preview (Chrome).

    So your demo and my site don’t shrink in Win8.0 – BUT their logos DO shrink in Win 8.1



    The demo isn’t on the most recent version but for all of us at support at least there are no issues with IE or Chrome resizing the logo. On your site with the same environment and browser versions I’m getting no issues with the logo resizing.


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