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    I have this :

    I’d like that :



    There is some inline CSS over the logo, have u done any customisations?

    Best regards,


    Yes, I’ve inserted these lines in the quick CSS :

    .html_header_top.html_logo_center .logo img {
        margin: auto;
    .html_header_top.html_logo_center .logo {
        left: 0;
        -webkit-transform: none;
        -ms-transform: none;
        transform: none;
        width: 100%;

    … something, that I’ve read somewhere in this support forum…
    But it does not work. I’ve tried 2 other with no mre success.

    Thanks for helping me !


    No solution ?


    Display a logo fullsized is such a big deal on Enfold ?
    I’m okay to pay your time if needed. Please help !

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    Sorry for the delay. There is a bug or error in the media uploader for the logo, but it’s going to be fixed in the upcoming update. We had to adjust the logo URL manually — at least for now. It’s now using the original version of the logo.

    Best regards,


    Hi !
    Ah ok, that is a temporary bug.
    Thank you for correcting my display, that is perfect !
    Is there a place for tips ?



    Thanks for the update and sorry again for the problem. I’m not sure what you mean by your last question?

    Best regards,


    I would just like to thank people from the team who help in this forum with a little money. I don’t know 5 or 10€ that we could give like people give tips on Twitch.
    Maybe I’m not alone :)



    Thanks for the update and for the offer, that is very kind of you. But we can’t accept money for the help we provide, we actually get paid to do this already :-)

    Best regards,

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