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    Dear Support Team.
    I am currently working on a webiste for a customer, which is already online in the first version:
    Unfortunately there is a problem with the logo.
    It is not displayed in the browser Mozilla Firefox and Safari (top left): see screenshots:
    When I open the page in Google Chrome, the logo appears:
    see screenshot:
    The cache of all the browsers I mberetis emptied several times, it can not be.
    Also, I’ve reviewed the image path several times and he is also correct. Even if I click on the non-displayed graphic in Mozilla Firefox and let me display it, the picture appears.
    I’m desperate because I do not know what to do anymore.
    Could you please help me?
    The login data for the backend I send you under PRIVATE.
    Thank you and best regards


    Hey Diana,

    You need to set the logo that will be used in header transparency in the Theme option > Header.

    Best regards,


    Thank you! This was the solution!
    Best regards Diana


    Dear Victoria

    However, there is still a problem with the logo on the phone.
    Although it is now tarred, but his view changes:
    sometimes it is shown correctly see screenshot:
    and on some pages it seems distorted and superimposed itself with the flags for the language: see screenshot:
    Where is he wrong here? Could you help me? I can not understand where this comes from.
    Best regards and thank you


    Hi DianaLoola73,

    Do you know the steps to reproduce the issue? I am not seeing it. Maybe it happens when the connection speed is low and not all css loaded and so show up like this?

    Best regards,


    Yes you are right. It depends on the connection speed.
    best regards


    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for the update. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic or if we can close it.

    Best regards,


    on first load – there is a big fat script behind this logo – do you realy believe that it is necessary to have it here for a 25kb image? (Pagespeed script)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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