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    Any thoughts on a great carousel solution in ENFOLD?



    Ive been hoping for this since it was launched. Im also hoping for some additional rollover animated effects for things like icons, number builds, steps etc… Lets hope Kriesi is serious about making this the most complete theme ever because its looking good so far. I’d love to see more dynamic effects



    I’ve found some “plugins” but I was hoping for theme styles (or the theme admin to be able to let me style) it…

    Im very close to buying the carofredsel’s WP plugin but I dont want to have to start from “scratch” at styling it….I may just bite the bullet.



    We’ll probably add a content slider to the layout builder – I can’t promise that it will be in the next update though. For now you can only use the post slider – eg create a post for each logo, assign it to a “logo” category and set the logo as featured image. Then create a post slider element and select the “logo” category for it.


    Thanks for the interim solution! Can I change what the post slider image links to? Or does it have to go to the post itself always?

    Appreciate it!



    No, it will always link to the post itself. You could use a redirection plugin: to redirect the user automatically to an external website though.

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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