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    The Logo on my pages looks blurred in Safari, in Firefox it looks sharp. Any Idea how to fix that?


    sorry, forgot to post the link to the page:


    Hello, how did you install the helvetica neue font???


    Hi cschirra,

    Your logo is 760×200 being shrunk down to 182×58. Perhaps if you resize your logo to 182×58 it will look fine in Safari + you will make your website faster too since there is no need to have a logo that big loading.


    You can take any .ttf file and use to get back eot, svg, woff and even css file. You can use to change any font file into otf along with 20 other formats.




    @nick, looking into firebug, the logo is 403×106. Where do I get the information that it is 182×58. Also the backend mentions to set the logo size in the style.css. When I try to set the size there nothing changes. Any Idea?



    I checked your site on safari and the logo looks fine, same with firefox.

    What is the dimension or size that you want for your logo?





    Here is where you can see the dimensions of image, and dimensions shown in initial size and when it shrinks:

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