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    I would like to have a login link that open a small lightbox with the login form.
    In the old site I have fancybox, How I can do something similar using Enfold Theme? I do not find any plugin that work with it and I do not understand how to set up the lightbox.


    Hi scubasnsi!

    You can create a link to your wp-admin or wp-login pages and then add a ?iframe=true to the end of the URL so it opens up in a popup.

    Or if you have your own form then you could try opening up some inline content in your page as well,



    Hi Elliot,

    I tried adding this at the end of the link or url “?iframe=true ” but i dont get any luck. Do you have any sample on this topic? i need to make a login inside a lightbox when users click the text login. Thank you so much i hope you can help me with this sir!


    Hi Harvey,

    You could try something like this:

    <a href="" rel="lightbox">Click me to open in lightbox</a>



    Hi Rikard,

    How would you edit the lightbox content? I Would like to add a shortcode inside the lightbox if it is possible. Thanks



    1. Create a page with shortcode example :

    2. Then use the code Rikard provided and replace the link in it.

    <a href="" rel="lightbox">Click me to open in lightbox</a>

    Best regards,


    For example sir i’d like to put it on along with the menu when clicked a lightbox will pop up how am i gonna do that?


    I tried it but it says that, “THE IMAGE CANNOT BE LOADED” how do i fix that sir


    Hi, Here’s my dilemma i need to create a lightbox that contains a login form when “login text” from the menus was clicked. The login form will be a shortcode. Please help me do this awesome tech guys!



    Attaching ?iframe=true to the link should work, try that and post a link to the site so we can check it.

    Best regards,


    Hi Everyone i made it work here
    click the

    Click me to open in lightbox

    it was the login form that i am tryin. but how am i gonna make it redirected to a certain page after someone logs into it? Thanks


    You mean to redirect it outside the frame? there’s a way to do that with JavaScript:

    Best regards,

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