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    I have uploaded a google font zip file Montserrat so that the users are getting displayed the website with that font.
    In page speed I see that the page is now not showing any font before loading the font from the zip file with the suggestion to show any standard font in advance before loading the uploaded font. (
    They further write that we have to integrate this code where the font is in the code “font-display: auto;” so that at the beginning is to see any standard font from computer and later if the zip-file font is loaded showing them.

    Where / how can I add this code line?
    font-display: auto;
    so that at the beginning is loading the standard font before the uploaded?

    My programmer says this should be normally already integrated in the Theme – maybe you can integrate this at the next theme update.

    Thanks Dietmar


    Hey pumpmakers,

    Enfold already has Montserrat, there is no need to upload it. And you can assign it to any element you need.

    Image 2019-01-10 at 19.55.16.png

    Have you seen it in the fonts in the theme options?

    Best regards,

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    Hello Victoria,
    thank you for your reply. Yes I have seen this possibility to set the font also from your theme.
    The point is a bit different – I need to improve the load speed at page start at mobile devices.
    Google describes this as follow:
    You can make use of the CSS “font-display” function to make sure that the text is visible to users while loading web fonts.
    This would save more than 1 sec. load time at page start on mobile devices.

    If we would add “font-display: auto;” in the file where you have the code for the font – then we could improve the speed and usability of the page as described in that article (

    Can you let me know the code file for loading the fonts, or how to place in QuickCSS that this is “font-display auto”?

    Thanks Dietmar


    Hi Dietmar,

    You might want to look in this file, but the styles set in the theme options are dynamically generated and put into a different file.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,

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