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    Emmanuel Alen

    Do you offer live theme preview for eCommerce themes that can be set in our subdomains so we could present as options for our eCommerce packages?

    Hi there,

    I am Emmanuel Alen CEO of EndeavorWebs, a webdesigner business, now specializing in eCommerce.

    Soon we will begin our operations in Europe as a wordpress eCommerce Specialist, helping Local Businesses develop or expand their operations online.

    As part of our eCommerce solutions, we will be offering customers wordpress eCommerce themes to choose from, that our business will be purchasing and customizing on behalf of the businesses under their requirements.

    One of the first steps in the process of our eCommerce solution setup, is for customers to choose a design theme, and at this stage we would like to offer around 30-50 eCommerce well designed themes from reputable developers such as yourselves.

    At this stage we will need to show a preview of the themes that will be available to our customers to choose from, and the starting point will be our web page ‘’, where customers will be able to choose themes and open live demo sites to have an idea of how their ecommerce site could look like at some stage.

    The ideal is to have basic demo sites for each particular theme offered, however, yet we are not ready to purchase all the full version of the themes that we would like to offer under our solutions. Also we don’t think to be strategically interesting to forward customers to the original themes designers demo sites, despite this option being the easiest, however, we do not want customers to misunderstand our eCommerce prices compared to individual theme prices offers. We don’t want to confuse customers by thinking that our solution is too expensive in comparison with the price of a theme only, without taking into consideration all the other steps and moving parts of a complete solution such as the ones we offer.

    So we would like to inquire if you have the interest of making a partnership with us, where we could set up restricted demo sites for some of your eCommerce themes under our subdomains, so our customers could have a basic view of the themes and be able to make their choice. Of course your name as a designer would be well advertised as a partner provider, however, as part of our Solution.

    Let us know what you think, we are also open for ideas.

    Much appreciated.

    Emmanuel Alen
    EndeavorWebs CEO


    Hey Emmanuel Alen,

    Thank you for contacting us. I’ll forward this thread to Kriesi. Please wait for his response.

    Best regards,

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