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    Good afternoon,

    For a multi (really: multi!) author blog I would like to list all authors (with name and ideally avatar) on one single page. All authors have been added as users to the site (with role ‘author’). As there are more than 1000 separate authors for this blog, I would prefer not to add them separately as a team members or as portfolio entries.

    I am very curious to learn if there’s an option within Enfold (or a really good plugin) to display all these authors in a grid, filtering on their user role being ‘author’.

    Thanks for your help,


    Hey hugovandoor,
    I believe that a plugin would work best in this situation, I found Authors List it has a lot of options, please give it a try.
    I didn’t try the plugin, but I see that it uses shortcodes and I would recommend using these in a code block element if the other elements cause any issues with the plugin.
    I did find DIY options but they don’t offer the same options.

    Best regards,


    I must look into Authors List, I have a similar need.
    I have a website for an organization of professionals with about 100+ members.
    They need to be searchable/sortable by location so general public could find these professionals based near their location (enter their county, or select from list of counties).
    Any help, or if you’ve seen a good example of this done with enfold or plugin in enfold would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks


    The Authors List plugin seems to accomplish your request, have you given it a try?

    Best regards,


    Thanks Mike
    I had a look but I don’t think it’ll suit my purpose.
    The list I have to display are not users on the site. They are members of the organisation.
    I have an excel spreadsheet of 200 containing columns – NAME, SURNAME, COMPANY NAME, ADDRESS, COUNTY, EMAIL ADDRESS, MOBILE, LANDLINE
    I would need the general public to be able to search by county for results in their area (or search by anything really).

    If anyone has come across and good example of a list like this, I would love to see an example. Preferrably in WordPress, all the better if in Enfold.

    Many Thanks


    The only plugin with search capacities that I found was Members List Plugin but it looks like it needs some custom css as it is very plain.
    We will leave this open should any fellow users wish to share their experiences with similar plugins.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Mike, yes, that has potential.
    Any other examples appreciated, many thanks


    Hi Bar,

    Thanks for the update, let’s hope there is someone on the forum which can give you other examples.

    Best regards,

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