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    I absolutely love the full width Google Map feature included in the Enfold theme. I’ve a question about linking up 2 Google Maps.

    Please refer to my staging page for the Contact fom,

    Is it possible to link the 4 smaller maps with the full-width, main map? The company has 4 branches in 4 different cities – that is what the top 4 smaller maps are showing.

    The functionality I’m wondering about: Is it possible to click on one of the 4 markers and have that marker display in the bottom, full-width map? For example, if someone clicked on the 2nd smaller map, Maun Branch, then I’d like for the Maun Branch to be displayed in the full width map.




    Hello Percy!

    It is possible but it would require a heavy customization and unfortunately that’s beyond the scope of the support we can offer. If you really need it try contacting a developer.



    Thanks. Thought I should ask. It is not a necessity…just a good to have feature.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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