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    thank you for the great GDPR Update.
    Under Enfold – > Privacy and Cookies -> Append a privacy policy message to your comment form?
    I can activate a checkbox and a link to the privacy policy.
    Is there an easy way just to show a link to the privacy policy without the checkbox?
    Of course I can add the link manually in a text block like I did it in the example (private content).
    But I hope there is a better way.


    Hey Andreas_BS,

    To display the “Data protection” message below the form please use the text box as you have done. At the moment there is no other easier way to do this.

    Best regards,


    Hi to everyone,

    To contribute to the discussion:: GDPR does not require you to add a checkbox to every form on your website.
    Only if you intend to use the data in the form for other means you may force the user to agree by means of a checkbox.
    In all other instances it decreases user-friendliness of your form and website.

    A user that fills in a contact form knows that its personal data will be used to contact him. That is the wole purpose of the form! He does not have to agree by a checkbox. Even a text only statement about your privacy policy is not mandatory, although it may clarify things and makes it clear to the user that you value their privacy.

    I would therefore strongly suggest as a feature request to make the checkbox optional when appending a privacy policy to a form.

    Best regards,




    To contribute to the discussion:: GDPR does not require you to add a checkbox to every form on your website.

    Thanks for the info. Please open a ticket on our feature requests page. Could you provide any reference pertaining to this so that we could learn more?

    Best regards,


    GDPR is in effect since 25th of May. Nobody knows how it will be enforced. What we all need to keep in mind is that there is not yet any case law regarding the GDPR requirements, so it is impossible at this point to answer questions with any real certainty.

    There is substantial amount of discussion on how to comply to the regulation. Bear in mind that the GDPR is the end result of a praisable attempt to control the way our privacy is ever more unethically exploited by big companies that make huge profits with our personal data. We all know which companies ride the top of that list.

    So it is my believe that the enforcers will direct all their attention to these companies. I don’t think much effort will go into the local online drugstore.
    However I believe it is a very good thing that also the local drugstore pays attention to the personal data of its clients. I hope the GDPR is the start of a more ethical approach to privacy by all of us. But lets not get carried away and overreact and overdo things.

    My sources are legal professionals who write their opinions in Dutch. So it will probably be not of any use to you. I recommend to go surfing the internet for sensible and professional opinions on these matters. I also recommend to use common sense. Don’t get carried away by all the fuzz around GDPR. And do not follow others mindlessly.

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    Thank you very much for sharing that, we really appreciate it!

    Best regards,

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