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    I changed the background to black and made the width 90% and made it work on the homepage, but you can not remove the scroll bar, please review Guenni007’s example again:

    please clear your browser cache and check your homepage:

    Best regards,


    Sorry Mike but it doesn’t work well! Please check!


    and what do you expect it should look like
    open f.e. :


    and compare the behavior with that of the light box. Where is a difference (except the height width of the page) between them that bothers you?


    I like so much BUT, try to scroll until the end, wait a second and scroll down again……
    The page go to infinite: up and down…


    Again, in desktop version there isn’t the close button (X) and i hate the sidebar! You can see a page!! It should seems a lightbox, not a page!


    Again, i have a button inside that page (Venticinque) that link to external page. Doesn’t work. Why? Check!


    I repeat that this website example is the best. The lightbox is open perfectly, The close button i so clear. The over effect is beautiful. It works very well!



    This is to permit Guenny to see my example.
    Anyway doesn’t work well! Try also to rotate the phone: many mistakes…


    Again: the links don’t work, neither on the Venticinque page, nor on the homepage that must link to Venticinque.. Check please!


    Is there someone?!
    Now I linked all buttons and they works BUT
    the lightbox doesn’t work well! PLEASE CHECK!
    Check also the button “Venticinque” in homepage above the video; it open a full page and I like so much. It works well but miss the close button (X).


    I have checked your homepage and the three boat images that open the lightboxes do work, but they are slow this is expected when using a iframe to open such a large page as yours, this is not seen in the example pages because those pages are light and fit in the iframe popup without scrolling, as pointed out earlier iframe popups work best with a medium amount of information.
    The button in your slider Scopri Venticinque doesn’t open a popup, it is opening a new page. Try adding ?iframe=true to your button link to open in a popup.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike! I found a solution: now I open a new page but without sidebar, header, footer..etc.
    I like. Check. Please try to set my footer: curtain effect. Go to the other topic..


    Glad to hear that you have this sorted out, shall we close this thread topic then?

    Best regards,


    This yes.


    Hi Stilecatalini,

    We’re happy to hear that :)
    Thanks for using Enfold and have a great day!

    Best regards,

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