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    Dear Kriesi,

    I am having two problems with lightbox images opening from the Masonry Portfolio Grid:

    1. The lightbox images open but then sometimes disappear before appearing again only after I move the cursor.

    2. A large colour fill obscures the bottom part of lightbox images. This only occurs when the Masonry Portfolio Grid that is linking to the lightbox does not fill the full height of the browser.

    You will see that in the three examples linked in the private section below, the first example with a long gallery does not show the colour fill when I click through to the lightbox, the second medium length gallery shows it just at the bottom of the page when I click through to the lightbox, and the third short gallery obscures the lower third of the lightbox images (on my screen)

    Thanks, Richard


    Hey Richard,

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    1.) I can’t reproduce the issue on Chrome, Windows 7. Could you please provide a screen cast?

    2.) The lightbox script relies on the height of the body container. Try to set a minimum height to the first main container.

    #main > div > .container {
        min-height: 80vh;

    Best regards,


    Thanks, the problem seems to be in Safari on Mac OS

    Your fix for the background fill in the lightbox seems to fix that issue, but I’m still finding that lightbox images show then disappear when opening in the lightbox on Safari

    Thanks, Richard



    Thank you for the update. I’ll ask the rest of the support team to check the site on Safari Mac OS.

    Best regards,


    Hi Richard,

    I tried to reproduce the errors you are getting on OSX/Safari. I can see a quick flickering of the images when hovering over them sometimes, it’s very fast and hardly noticeable though. I can’t reproduce images disappearing though. What version of Safari are you running?

    Best regards,


    Thanks, the problem is much more severe than that. The image disappears completely after initially displaying.

    I’m using Safari 10.1.2 on Mac OSX


    Hi richardwilding,

    DO you have a plugin that also has lightbox in it? I see the same effect on my machine in Safari 11.0.1.

    Best regards,

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