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    Hi Kriesi. Loving Enfold and how easy it is to customize! I do have a question about creating popup effects.

    I am using Gravity Forms and would like to make a few simple forms appear via popup versus making an entire new page. I have installed several plugins (free and premium) and nothing seems to work correctly. Here is a list of plugins I have tried:

    From Envato’s Code Canyon:
    – Popup Press
    – Modal Login
    – Ultimate Modal Dialog Box

    From the WordPress plugin repository:
    – Form Lightbox

    I think this theme does not include prettyPhoto either, as the tutorials found at do not work either.

    How would you suggest I approach creating a popup feature for inline content that also supports Gravity Forms shortcodes? Any chance this could be added to a feature request?

    thanks a million for your time.



    Hey MindSpark!

    The theme does in fact use prettyPhoto. You can see it in the js folder and live whenever you click on a photo and it opens in a lightbox.

    Aside from following the demo code on the prettyphoto doc link you listed I’m not sure how else best to guide you to use it. If its visible on the page it should in theory open whatever is inside the content. I’m not sure it will work in an advanced layout editor layout but it should work on a regular visual editor layout.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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