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    Sorry if this has already been posted and I missed it, but I couldn’t find a relevant thread. I am updating my site with Enfold. So far the theme is incredible! However, I can’t seem to get the lightbox to work.

    In any of the elements with the Lightbox option available, I make sure to select it. Upon clicking the image, I am redirected to the attachment page. You can see it occurring here. I have no plugins or scripts that might interfere with this.

    On a side note, I can’t change the size of the thumbnails in the gallery no matter what dimension preset I choose. The size only changes based on the number of rows.

    Edit: I want to clarify that I’m trying to put together my portfolio as is from the Enfold Ajax demo. A client should be able to click on an image preview or the thumbnail to bring up a lightbox.

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    After more debugging, I found script remnant from a plugin I installed ages ago. It was blocking the theme’s script. I’ve also dealt with the thumbnails. From what I can tell, simply selecting the number of columns that constrains the thumbnail size to something small regardless of how many images I have does the trick (e.g. A gallery with three thumbnails uses 7 columns to generate a smaller thumbnail size).


    Update: I’m still having many issues with the Gallery shortcode. I am using the size presets for big preview and as soon as a select “No, do not force the same size”, the image expands to some undefined size with low resolution. It has worked on one entry here:, but on no others. The gallery function is being very inconsistent.

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    I have checked your other entries but it seems like you have already figured it out
    If you are still having issues, please post the link to a page where you have issues

    Best regards,

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