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    Hi, the lightbox functionality in Partner/Logo Element as well as Images no longer works properly following the latest Enfold update. Instead of opening images in an overlay with the forward/back arrows to scroll through other images, it opens directly in the same browser window with no navigation (not event the normal site header).

    In another string I was asked if I tried to disable the functionality under Enfold > Performance, but was not able to find what you’re referring to. I tried disabling Partner/Logo Element but that just broke the functionality completely so you could no longer see even the small versions of the images, so I undid that.

    I have the latest version of Enfold installed now but will back it out within a few hours if I do not hear back from you. I really want to leverage the performance enhancements in this version so I’m hopeful we can get this resolved. Credentials in the private content section below.

    Thank you.


    Hi DiscoverLink,

    I checked the header.php of your child theme and noticed that it is obsolete.
    Please update the contents of your header.php with the header.php of the latest version of Enfold.
    This should fix the issue you’re having.

    Best regards,


    Can you please let me know how to do that?


    you can upload a copy of the original header.php (that one you have downloaded) to your child theme folder via ftp.
    But there must have been a reason that you have a child theme header.php. Of course you have to know these entries in order to have the desired changes in the new header.php as well.


    Well I have no idea how to do that and have no knowledge of the entries in the child theme. Why does Enfold push an update that requires a change like this with no warning?

    Do you have any recommendations for a contractor I could hire to help me?


    The better has always been the enemy of the good.

    By default, there is no header.php in the child theme.
    By the way did you have installed a child-theme and work with it?


    The child theme was installed by an external developer who originally developed our website several years ago. I have never personally worked with the child theme, but it has been working fine on our site for years (until now).


    so he must have a reason to implement a header.php in the child.
    I use it f.e. to insert some extra div after wrap-all id like: <div class='mega-bg'></div>
    to use it as a global overlay if f.e. mega-menu is active.
    so if you like – you can post here your “old” header.php – but please use the code tag above
    and we may see what has been additional input


    Hi DiscoverLink,

    I have made changes on your child theme’s header.php, update it’s content and added the layerslider that was inserted on your header.
    The original code on your child theme’s header.php is in private content.
    Let us know if you need further assistance :)

    @guenni007: thanks for helping out :)

    Best regards,


    Hi, that actually broke other functionality on our site, so I restored a backup. I worked with one of our product developers to insert the layerslider code and it’s all working fine now.



    Thank you for updating and letting us know!

    Best regards,

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