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    I’ ve tried to find an answer to my question in the forum and FAQ but found nothing, so I try to ask my question here.

    I understand, that my regular licence for the Corona Theme is only for ONE site, but I have a bit of a problem, I like to explain. I need a multilanguage site (German/English) and with the theme it is not working, as I want also to have the slideshow and buttons translated. I am also not happy to pay 79$ for WPML for one year.

    So I wanted to build my site with two subdomains like this: (my landing page) (German translation) (English translation)

    That will be as one site, as the content is the same, only because of that translation problems I want to use the licence for “so to speak” three sites.

    Is that possible or would I get into trouble with doing so?

    The theme would be useless, if I can not do it so, as I need it multilingual.

    I would be glad, to get an answer to my question as soon as possible, that I can start building my project.

    Thanks in advance.


    PS: The theme looks great and is well coded. I love it!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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