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    is it possible to have a leftsidebar with a menu with bullets ?
    Like here in about section.


    Hey ceubri!

    Are you using Enfold or Display theme? You can choose to display sidebar on your certain pages and it will automatically be displayed if you set parent/sub pages in page settings

    Best regards,


    I’m using Enfold (great Theme !).
    I set parent/sub pages but i’ve no bullets (just a mini point) : see at the right of “Supports & communication”

    I would like the same that in about section.
    – “>” in front of titles
    – sub pages allways open

    Help ?



    Unfortunately no, we can’t combine elements from one theme to another. Display is using an image for the bullet so you could technically save the image and then add the same kind of css to the child menu but it would need to be done with respect to both the left and right side styles.



    Ok, thanks,
    i’ll try to create this css.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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