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    Hi Guys,

    Optimisation question – Lazy Load doesn’t work with the portfolio element – It seems to load half of the portfolio the rest only appears if you change the category. Is there a known solution to this?

    I am using Jetpack Lazy Load. (Lazyload is currently turned off as it breaks the site)

    It’s a big sticking point for Google Pagespeed mobile scores.


    Hey Thomas,

    Enfold does not work properly with Jetpack Lazy Load, you might want to keep it disabled for now.

    Best regards,


    No Problem, it’s not a massive deal to be fair. Google can be frustrating. From a UX perspective I expect the average page visitor will scroll to the bottom of the portfolio page, so in reality a lazy load will delay the inevitable in most cases.

    Using GTMetrix I get 90% -100% and over and 78%-90% on YSLOW without a full CDN.
    Using Google Lighthouse, I get near perfect scores across all my client’s sites
    Using Google Pagespeed, I get excellent desktop scores but between 55-70 on mobiles (which simply isn’t true, Google doesn’t like the way I optimise the UX experience, however it makes the websites I produce look and function excellently on mobiles)

    The pagespeed score is the bugbear for me purely because Google says so. And customers will worry if they don’t see an excellent score. Many WordPress sites don’t perform well in this test so it is pretty common. Mine perform better than most running enfold without design compromises.


    Google has just released this lazyload plugin a day ago Google Releases Native Lazyload Plugin for WordPress I tested it and while it didn’t break Enfold, I didn’t notice an improvement either.
    Just thought I’d share as it seemed on topic.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,

    Totally on topic. Thank you!

    I’ll give this a try when I am next running an update out. All of my customers are now running 4.6.1.

    I am looking to add some more optimisations over the coming months.

    Probably the best advice I have for anyone else using Enfold seeing this post is to use as many of Enfolds included features to prevent additional scripts created by plugins.

    I.e. use the social media shortcodes to display icons in the footer instead of a plugin, try and use the google maps api rather than iframe (I use iframe for speed at the moment only because I don’t want to sign up customers to the api and may get charged if their site gets lots of traffic). I use contact form 7 for instance. For consistency all of my customers use it however it would be better to use the built in Enfold contact form if the customer does not need complex fields or features.

    I would also always install wp-optimize – which now includes a very easy to setup caching engine so you don’t need wp-super cache or w3 total cache. Another option if super cache is playing up.

    Just removing the little things which can bloat the code will improve the score.


    Thank you for your suggestions and tips I’m sure it will be helpful to others.

    Best regards,


    It still breaks enfold.


    @tt2495 thank you for your feedback.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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