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    I’m writing to ask for recommendations on how to change the layout of Enfold. I would like to make these changes in a way that will enable me to be able to update the theme as new versions come out.


    – set minimum height

    I am using an images that 1500 x 440px with captions. When it gets to the small mobile size, the image is scaled down to the point that it is only 115px tall. I would like to set a minimum height of 150px instead, and the image could be cropped on the right and left to accommodate this.

    The reason I would like to change this is becasue 115px does not leave enough room for the captions and navigation, it’s just not tall enough.

    – png overlay

    I would like to be able to add a PNG overlay repeating background to some of the slides.

    PORTFOLIO COLUMNS – I would like to change the number of columns used in the portfolio area to the following:

    4 on widest

    3 in ipad size

    2 on large mobile

    2 on small mobile

    STORE COLUMNS – For the store, I just want to change it so that when it gets wider than an iPad size, 4 columns show in the store.

    4 on widest – current is 3. needs to be 4.

    3 in ipad size – current is correct.

    2 on large mobile – current is correct.

    2 on small mobile – current is correct.



    without showing us something there is very little that can be done since there are so many different ways to set up the various pages you describe that any code we give you will likely not work. Please provide a url , screen captures and we will take this one at a time.




    Thanks Nick, here’s URLs to reference:


    I’m using the slider here on the “homepage” of this unfinished site.


    So for the PNG overlays, I’m actually thinking that I’d be comfortable adding them to the slides as needed via CSS, I could specify per slide via the DIV id or class and set the background per slide. I just need to know where to add my overlay DIV. It needs to be above the image but below the text – can you let me know where in the theme code I can find the markup for the easy slider?


    On this page, if you take your browser all the way in to the small mobile size, you’ll see that the image is only 115px tall – because it scales down in relation to the browser width. I want to somehow set the minimum height for it to be 155px – if it was this size I’d still be able to see the text without the slide navigation overlapping below. Let me know if that make sense.

    Will get back to you in more detail on the rest – I think I’ve found the solution to these.



    It is strongly recommended by the developer of Layer Slider to not add div’s manually.

    To add the min-height to mobile view, please add this to your /css/custom.css

    @media only screen and (max-width: 479px) {

    .avia-slide-wrap img {
    min-height: 225px !important;
    height: 100% !important;



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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