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    I’ve been having troubles with my slider and my contact form so I downloaded the theme again and updated the whole enfold folder by overwritting it via ftp. However when I go to it says: [LayerSliderWP] Slider not found. Also the contact form doesn’t just display a “message was sent succesfuly” message but it takes me to a weird url on my website:

    What could be going wrong? I wouldn’t mind giving acces to my website to any mod via PM-


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    Hi zendao!

    There is no “[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found” message around, regarding the CF7 not working, try disabling all third-party plugins except that to see if it gets fixed.



    Yes sorry, I changed themes. See, I hired a coder to modify the enfold theme and do costum content. So it seems most of the content of my website was done on another theme, including the CF7, yet the Layer Slider for my same homepage is located on the Enfold theme folder. However I fully updated the theme folder for Enfold and I still get this error message. If you go to my url /homepage now you will se the ““[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found” ” error message on the top. The contact form still takes me to /#wpcf7-f1708-p1707-o1 what does that url mean? I deactivated all plugins except a “ MultiEdit” as the CF7 seems to be inside of it and it still takes me to that weird url?

    Help Please

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    That URL means that the CF7 Ajax JavaScript is not working, probably due to some plugin/modification conflict.

    Best regards,


    Best way to fix it?

    Thanks! :)


    Dado que tu theme esta altamente modificado es difícil encontrar la raiz del problema. Te recomiendo hacer un descarte, prueba lo siguiente:

    1. Desactiva todos los plugins, incluido ese de, menos CF7, funciona?
    2. Instala una copia de Enfold sin ninguna modificación y activala, funciona?
    3. Activa el theme por defecto de WordPress, funciona?



    1, Si desactivo no aparece el resto de la pagina, incluyendo el CF7. Aparece el header y las imagenes del slider “sin movimiento”. Parece que se necesita para el contenido que creo el codificador (“Los Problemas de Las Empresas Hoy En Dia” para abajo).

    2. El tema instalado actualmente es una copia totalmente nueva sin ninguna modificacion version 2.4.2 de Enfold (descarge el folder de themforest y le di “overwrite” al folder de Enfold en el folder que contiene los temas del sitio usando Filezilla).

    3. Active “Twenty Eleven” y “Twenty Twelve” (los temas por defecto) y parecen funcionar perfectamente.

    Gracias!!! :)


    Help Please!




    Well, when I update the css and js files in the Layersilder folder I noticed they are they are all the same exact size, so I’m not sure they are different at all! I don’t get why it gets a 404 error message if the files are there in the folders. I cheked using filezilla (config-layerslider/LayerSlider/ right?). I still updated the files from the newest version of enfold both with js and css and it still doesn’t work! :S


    How do I know if it’s a problem with my hoster and what do I need to ask them exactly? or how can I check? why does my server redirect to that url?

    Here’s my htaccess file, does it look OK?:


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    Tbh I’m not an expert when it comes to htaccess rules. Personally I recommend to make a backup of the htaccess file, then delete the entire code within the htaccess file and upload the empty htaccess file. Then go to Settings > Permalinks to rewrite the default wordpress permalink rules (you just need to click the “Save” button). Afterwards check if the slider works and if the htacess code changed.

    Best regards,


    Brilliant! I’ll do that and see how it goes.

    Thank You!!!



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