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    Firstly, I love your enfold teheme, just amazing!!

    I was trying to modify your dummy slider content that came with the enfold template, but after publishing it it appears to not resize correctly when I scale down the browser size. Please take a look at the content and see what I am referring to:

    Let me know what I am doing wrong, so I can fix it.


    Okay, I continue to play the layerSlider and I figure out how to have the graphics appear correct when scaling down the browser, but now when I scale down the browser the graphic start to get distorted and starts jerking on the screen. Any thoughts?


    Yes I noticed this issue too. It seems like the render engine of layerslider doesn’t work very well if you resize the browser window. You need to wait for the next slide – then it calculates the new dimensions properly and the next slide will display as expected.



    The only real test is seeing how it looks on a smartphone and on a tablet when the user changes from landscape to portrait. Besides that transition, there is really no other that emulated reality i.e. going from 1400 width to 300 width in 1/2 a second. From what I remember of my now dead iPad3, it smoothly transitioned between portrait and landscape, and if a smooth transition is done with a browser window between 1024 and 768 widths, the slider resizes alright.

    Perhaps Devin could check the page and tell us how it looks when switching between portrait and landscape and back on his newest iPad.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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