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    I know the LayerSlider is simply ‘included’ and I apologize for what is probably such a easy answer. Where can I find more examples of what can go in the Custom Styles box? Is it just any css codes?

    Also where does it pull the fonts from that is allowed in the fonts box (LayerSlider)? Google Web Fonts? I would like to change the fonts of some of the text LayerSlider uses but not sure where to find a font listing it allows.

    edit: I learned LayerSlider uses the font installed/available by the theme or plugins, so w/o installing the Google Fonts Plugin, how can I just get a list of fonts available from the enfold theme?

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    1) Yes, you can enter any valid css code.

    2) A complete list can be found on the Theme Option page. (Enfold > Styling > Header Font).

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    Still a no go on the fonts, I compiled a list of all the fonts found in styling section, however, none of the fonts show up on my LayerSlider when I put in a font name. For example: Damion, Alice, Allerta, etc. none of them work. Is there something I am not doing right? Should I just install the google font WP plugin?


    The theme will not load all fonts but only the selected headline font – in your case it loads Open Sans: http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,600

    If you want to use another font – yes I’d install the google fonts plugin. But please keep in mind that each font file will slow down your website and it’s probably not a good idea to load several different font files just for one or two headlines…


    I think we are crossing wires. I’m not talking about headlines. I am talking about LayerSlider, I am trying to change the font the Sliders use. LayerSlider says I can put in a font name where it says ‘font’, and that it uses whatever the theme has installed or plugin. So I am trying to use one provided by the theme, but no go.

    How can I change the font on the LayerSlider layers?


    The theme just loads one or two google font families (depends on your selection on the “Styling” option page). In your case you can only use the “Open Sans” font family (and all “websave” fonts like Arial, etc.). If you want to use other fonts please install the google font WP plugin you mentioned in your previous posts, select the fonts you want to use for the slider and then insert the font family name into the Font option field.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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