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    Hello dear support team

    I used the Layerslider as instructed by you to show a video background.

    It worked nicely but now somehow I can see the Youtube logo + the username logo, for a few seconds, before they disappear.

    Can we remove that?

    the site address is – I changed for now the video file to be directly on the server so the youtube logo won’t appear, but normally I’d prefer to have it on YouTube to have less workload on the server.

    thanks in advance




    White frame on Youtube was fixed, I just created a new slider.
    But still needing help about the controls/username/buttons showing. I tried via embed settings but no change..

    (right now as I said before I linked the Layerslider back to a file sitting on my actual server to avoid problems but I prefer to have it via youtube)

    Another Update:

    Switching to Vimeo for another test (current look) I am getting the Vimeo controls and audio-icon showing up…isn’t there a way of hiding them as well?




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    Thank you for the inquiry.

    Are you using the Video/Audio layer? There are more options under the layer’s embed field. You should be able to turn off the player controls there.

    Best regards,


    Hey Ismael

    Yes I am using that layer and I used every option under there to try to remove it..

    For youtube I can still see my user and user photo + YouTube logo

    For Vimeo I see everything- controls, logo, user





    Thank you for the update.

    Have you tried appending the ?modestbranding=1 parameter to the Youtube URL? You might have to keep on using a local or self hosted video if those options are not working.


    Best regards,

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