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    The Layerslider included in your latest theme update is 4.6.5, LayerSliderWP is no on version 5, which introduces some render blocking JS changes for SEO and PageSpeed.

    Is there a way for me to manually update this to the latest version using the theme purchase code, or can you update it in the theme?



    Hi Imburr!

    You would need to purchase your own license to update it manually right now. Even then the theme may need to be updated to work with the new changes. It will be updated within the theme in time however.

    Best regards,


    I believe this is still outstanding. What are the plans to have the slider updated in the theme? Or if we purchase and install the latest will it work with the current theme? This presents a major problem for many devices loading a page with the slider because it must wait for the js to be rendered.



    Kriesi plans to update it either on this next update this week or the update after. It depends on if this past release causes any issues or conflicts with the theme.

    You are of course always free to not use the included version and purchase a stand alone license.



    But this will not work as the plugin is integrated into the enfold theme, isn’t it? If I want to use a “bought” LayerSlider – how can I deactivate the built-in one?



    You can disable the default layerslider plugin within the theme then install the LayerSlider as a standalone plugin. Edit functions.php, add this code:

    add_theme_support( 'deactivate_layerslider' );

    This will disable the default LayerSlider. Buy the premium LayerSlider plugin then install it.

    Best regards,


    What version of Layerslider is included in the theme, which was updated today?



    Its still on 4.6.5. Kriesi has not had a chance to test out 5.0+ yet.

    Best regards,


    Do we have an ETA on when the new version of LayerSlider will be included? The timeline view and the extra transition settings are pretty sweet!




    No unfortunately, there is still no ETA yet.



    By the way, I got a significant loading time improvement after using the new version of layerslider.

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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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