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    Hello, Most recently while trying to use the (Layerslider) plug in it has become unresponsive while trying to edit existing and new slides. The weird thing is the plug in is still running as you can visit the site ( Comunidadonline.org ) and the sliders are running and active. On the WordPress backend I can click on the plug in and get as far as clicking edit to modify a slide show but once Im in the slides and try to change any settings nothing happens. The issue presented itself while running enfold ver: 2.0.1. I installed 2.1 to see if issue was resolved but same results.

    I have also manually deleted and reinstalled Layerslider via FTP as well as deleted this line of code this line of code from functions.php

    Line 341: equire_once( ‘config-layerslider/config.php’ );//layerslider plugin

    The plug in did indeed deactivate but once reinstalled and reenabled the issue continues. To clarify I do not know much about PHP and simply attempted the deleting of the code based on an article I found. I am hoping its not an issue with the whole site and it will have to be redone. Any help is appreciated.


    Hi ynmedia,

    Just to be clear, you mean the LayerSlider folder inside the theme files and not the separate LayerSlider plugin correct? The LayerSlider plugin shouldn’t be installed in addition to the one that comes bundled with the theme.




    Hey Devin

    Yes the one in the themes files. When the problem presented itself and I didn’t see it the plug ins section and installed again but got a error when trying to activate it. I then realized that it was installed in a separate location within the theme itself and removed the one I installed but now im back at square one again.

    I don’t know why the plug-in has become unresponsive? Anyway to fix this? Can the plug in be un installed and then reinstalled in anyway by theme?



    Can you please override or update the theme files again? Have you tried disabling all your plugins, see if the LayerSlider admin works again?



    I did override the files again but that did not solve the issue but after playing with some of my plug ins I was able to resolve it. I simply reinstalled the plug in that was causing the issue and everything is playing nice again.

    Thank you for all the help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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