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    Hi, there is problem for the layers to align under different ie, you can find what I mean in the pictures below, pls. advise how to fix, thanks!




    Hi, pls. advise what shall be done to correct this, thanks! this problem also exists on your own demo page.


    To be honest I couldn’t find any obvious differences between the screenshots. Can you point them out please? Do you mean the transparency effect?

    Personally I’m not familiar with the LayerSlider code and I’m not sure if we can fix this. I’ll report it to Kriesi though – maybe he knows a solution. If not we’ll report it to the devs of LayerSlider:


    in fact, the difference is obvious, just have a look at the ie8 picture, the left of the text “Super Flexible Layout Builder” is beyond the width of the content, while in the ie10 picture, there is still a lot of space left from the left, pls. check.

    the font style is controlled by the css code below, pls. advise what can be done to achieve it to work under ie10 and ie8.

    box-shadow: 0px 4px 10px -5px black; text-shadow: none; font-weight: normal; opacity: .65; width:140px; text-align:left; filter:alpha(opacity=65);

    I don’t have such problem with other themes for the layerslider, so it shall be something with your theme.


    The only theme related css styling which I could find is the font family of the h2 headline. You can try to change it for the slider headline:

    Eg use a websave font like Arial.


    thanks but no lucky with your fix.



    I don’t think you should worry a lot about IE8 users, since they expect most websites to look a little strange, and i think that is why they enjoy using that browser , for its unique interpretation of the world. From what I can see nothing is broken, just the colors look more richer and thicker. Some playing around with the CSS for a day will bring it much more inline with the version seen by users of modern browsers.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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