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    Hi, i’m trying to use LayerSlider on simple page, by Shortcode, but this didn’t work.

    But when i call that, with a ENFOLD Advanced Layout Editor, he call the LayerSlider function, my Shortcode works fine.

    How can I include LayerSlider in all my pages? Whitout use ENFOLD Advanced Layout Editor?

    For example: I have a RoyalSlider plugin, that allows me to configure him call it on all my pages, or when finds a RoyalSlider Shortcode.


    Hello brunostersa!

    Unfortunately the LayerSlider shortcodes have been disabled with the themes implementation of it. The LayerSlider can only be a full width element and the Advanced Layer Slider keeps that in check.

    You can somewhat get around this by turning on debug mode and then copying and pasting out the LayerSlider generated shortcode but it still doesn’t remove the full width requirement so the LayerSlider will always be full width in your layouts.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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