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    Hey guys, the image uploaded to the layerslider at http://codelessme.com/thematrona has now disappeared for no apparent reason. Everything is appearing on the layerslider admin screen, but just a blank white space on the front. Any ideas?


    Furthermore –

    It seems that some of the stylization layers are also being stripped by something. The background that was showing on the calendar found under /schedule is now no longer appearing, and there is green text where it never was before. Not sure what is happening.

    Have cleared all custom added styles, disabled plugins, etc. No change.


    Also discovered that the same issue is now affecting http://codelessme.com layerslider on the homepage. It is not affecting http://codelessme.com/equinection though, which is also using layerslider.


    New discovery – on http://codelessme.com/, the animated features with some of the enfold elements are no longer working. Slide in image beside “Engineered for Simplicity” for example. the image just never shows. The icons are not showing, etc.



    The-Matrona-Natural-Birth.jpg this file cannot be found. Please try removing and reuploading it



    Hey Yigit –

    I actually sorted this issue. We were doing some things to another site on the network and somehow….I’m not sure what was done, it affected multiple sites. Reverted things and it was fine again.



    Glad you figured it out :) Let us know if you have any other questions


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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