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    till now all functions of the embedded layerslider are identical with the standalone layerslider plugin.
    But when i want to use now the new features like (scroll by mouse effects) i see this here:

    Premium features is available for preview purposes only.
    We’ve detected that you’re using premium features in this slider, but you have not yet activated your copy of LayerSlider. Premium features in your sliders will not be available for your visitors without activation. Click here to learn more.

    For me it is not so important because i got a standalone license . But it is so easy to use the embedded one. I’m sad


    seems to be only that feature of “Play by scroll” – but this is a nice feature. So please talk to those people of creature media. The success of layerslider goes deeply with the distribution via themes like Enfold. The awarenesslevel is correlated to it. So Enfold-User (or Users of two or three other premium themes should have all features.



    Actually you can use the embedded version, you just need to activate it with the license key you got from purchasing the standalone version. The plugin and theme version are identical codewise, however the Layerslider team decided to add a few features that are only available after entering the purchase code. I will talk with them if this is really necessary, but they will probably want to test it for a few weeks/months to see if it increases the sales of the standalone slider.



    thanks Christian !



    May I know if there is any update on this? I would like to use some features (such as the Play by Scroll feature) that have been marked premium and I see the exact message (in the 1st post of this thread) when I try to use them. I suppose I don’t need to buy standalone license to use them as it comes bundled in Enfold. Thanks.




    Those features are disabled and the Layer Slider team does require to have an option to enable them only if the plugin license is validated we are afraid.
    We can not do anything to that from our side.

    Best regards,


    Too bad. So, the bundled version of Layer Slider in Enfold is not a full version then.


    Hi kevintsang,

    It has been, until recently, when the Layer Slider decided to have premium features to their product.

    Best regards,


    Kriesi responded back in Mar 10, 2017 that he would talk to Layerslider team, which is why I raised the question hoping that premium features do not require purchase of standalone version. So, I guess the answers I get now is premium features are not included in Enfold theme now. And thus my comment that the bundled version of Layerslider in Enfold is not a full version.
    While I understand this is a decision of the Layerslider team, as a business partner (or whatever best described your relationship with them), you guys should have better bargaining power with them.
    Perhaps a delay of premium features available to bundled theme version of something like 2-3 months is still a better situation.

    BTW, love the Enfold theme!



    @kevintsang: Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll forward it to Kriesi.

    Best regards,

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