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    Hi, I have used Enfold as a parent theme now for years and own I think about 5 copies now since they don’t allow a bulk license. I can’t remember ever having this issue before. The layerslider looks fine on desktop but when I look at it on iPad, iPhone etc. it’s all messed up. The image no longer goes full screen and the elements within are not shrinking down at all so they are going off the page. Plus there is a big white block under the layerslider. I am not sure what to tackle first but I feel like there must be some setting I am missing. Would appreciate your help. I’ll include a url in the private content area. Thanks.


    Hi just checking in again to see if you have any suggestions on any settings that I might be missing for the layerslider. It is not shrinking the other items within the slide to the mobile screen size. The other sites I built did not have that problem (those were also fullwidth). So I need to figure out why the items within each slide are not shrinking down. Can you help please? Thx.



    In the slider settings under the Layout tab make sure the “responsive under” setting is set to a high value. It should be 1140 by default which means the slider will start to be responsive when the screen is under 1140px.



    I have it set to 1120px but the moment it starts to go into responsive mode the full screen look reacts in several different ways and is not consistent. I’ve got an image so you can see what I”m talking about. As I said, I have not had this problem before so I am wondering if I am missing some other setting besides the ‘responsive under’ setting.

    Screenshot of responsive issue


    Hi, I am still waiting to hear back on this ticket. I made screenshots in my previous post yesterday to show how the layerslider is not shrinking proportionately and behaving strangely on other devices (not consistent). Any help would be very appreciated as this is holding up the project. Thanks.



    Send us a WordPress login and we’ll take a look.



    I had not heard back so I just spend all of last night custom coding the mobile version. I still have no idea why the mobile version was such a problem but it looks okay now after all the custom work I did. You can mark this as resolved I guess. I’m just hoping I don’t have to go through that again if I use the theme again. Like I said, it has not happened on the other sites I bought Enfold for. Thanks.



    Sorry for your problems and I’m happy to hear you got it fixed. Please let us know if you should need any more help on the topic.


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