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    1) I just spent a few hours creating a complex one with about 26 layers. Just one slide. Has a background image. It previews fine in WP, but in live demo on the site All The Layers load immediately. Then they all start doing what they’re supposed to do individually. None of them are following their delay times. The preview of my slider works great, but live all layers load at once from the beginning, then perform their transitions, but do so all at the same time, in random ways.

    2) I then duplicated the slide but even without modification, the slider performs in unexplainable ways, not following the delay or transition rules that are set in the layer options. I duplicated the initial slider thinking there were too many layers. But even after splitting the layers between two-2 slides, it still did it’s own weird thing, both in preview and live.

    3) I have NO other active plugins.

    4) Link to view:

    5-1) Is there a way to get the layer slider to act as a parallax effect? So the next color section will just slide over it?

    5-2) Parallax – anyway to get the effect to do the smooth scroll effect that’s not completely fixed, but scrolls just a little as you scroll through the site?

    Quick Question – Really like the new top menu on the forum, is it code that can be used in Enfold? If so, what is the code?

    Side Note – I miss the old forum search and results – it was very friendly. The new search and results are difficult to follow.

    BUG -in latest Update v2.2 – Styling – Changing Alternate Content -Border Color, instantly changes Header -Alternative Content color to the same color.

    Thanks, great product and great support!


    Hoping to fix this slider so we can officially launch next week.

    Any insights?




    I have posted my email in your other topic. Please include links to both topics in your mail.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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