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    Layersider is displayed properly on Chrome and Firefox, but have an issue with IE.
    I attached links of pictures.

    Please advise.


    Hi skewzy!

    First try removing all of your minifcation so that the theme files and plugin files are able to load in by themselves.

    The screenshots seem to be taken before the layerslider has actually loaded in but looking at the site with live versions of IE I’m getting an almost complete site load failure stemming from the minified files.



    Thanks for checking.
    I deactivated Minify and tested, but it still does not display properly. I know every items are loaded fully, because only thing I have to do to display missing items is by resizing windows with mouse.
    Please advise.


    Please clear all of the bwp’s minified files and keep it deactivated so that none are loading in.

    I can load the site fine in Chrome but IE, any version of it, isn’t loading anything in the LayerSlider or the correct backgrounds in the header.


    I disabled BWP’s minify and still same.
    Did you try to resize the screen size of IE? Then it will display the missing items.
    How do I “correct backgrounds in the header”?



    Thank you for the info.

    The site including the layer slider loads fine on IE 11 and 10. On IE 9, the layer slider loads a bit late but it does show after a few script warnings which is normal when using IE 9.

    Best regards,

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    I’m sorry but I’m not experiencing the issue on IE11 Windows 8. I tried a few times, the slider loads fine. Even on IE11 emulation console, IE9 and 10 loads the site fine. I’ll ask the rest of the support team to check it.



    Did you ask your team? It has been a week now.
    Even Devin checked and mentioned above saying “I can load the site fine in Chrome but IE, any version of it isn’t loading anything in the LayerSlider or the correct backgrounds in the header.”
    I asked other people about this and they all say it does not display properly.



    Sorry for the late reply. I do not usually have a Windows computer around me.
    I have checked your website on IE 11 and IE10, IE9 mode on Win7 and this is how it looks on my end –

    Best regards,


    Did you check the picture attached? And you still say you do not see on your end? There are many complaints from our visitors saying it’s not displaying properly. I tested on many other computer as well and it has an issue for sure.
    Stop keep saying you do not see on your end.



    Yes, we checked the screenshots but we can’t reproduce it on our installations. I’m sorry but I have to ask Devin to test it again. You can hire a freelance developer to test it on all kinds of browsers and operating systems.

    Best regards,


    Only thing I can say now, you don’t have any intention to fix the issue. You are just ignoring the bug and passing it to your customers.
    Stop saying you can not reproduce on your side. All of the computers I tried, have the issue. I strongly believe that you should not advertise Enfold is compatible with IE 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, because it gives a negative impressions to the visitors.

    This is the worst service I ever had.

    Speak to Devin who could reproduce the issue on his side.



    Please understand that we are *not* the developers of LayerSlider. Its a plugin that is included with the theme and that the theme supports.

    When I tested the site it was not working, after that point it appears that the suggested fixes I recommended caused it to start working for the other support crew and is in fact working for me now as well.

    Resizing the window, testing on Windows 7 and in emulators is showing that the slideshow on the business center page is showing correctly.

    I don’t know the exact reports you are getting from visitors but from each of our various systems we just aren’t getting any errors at this point.


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