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    When constructing a slide, i’m getting inconsistent results when previewing my slide to when I view my slide on my home page (or any other page for that matter).

    Each element on a layer of a slide is placed according to how I want it and the slide renders perfectly in the preview. However, when viewing the final rendering of that slide on my homepage (or any other page), those elements either overlap or are in the incorrect position.

    I’m on V1.8.4, 128mb php memory, no plugins activated and the global settings haven’t been altered (duplicate sample slide).

    Please advise…..

    Also, I posted nearly a day ago that i’m unable to change the layer names of a slide. Any advice with regard to this would be great as well.


    Hi rmatene,

    The global settings for each slideshow will effect how it gets output on the front end but not how it appears when editing. Its a shortfall of the preview since it produces issues like yours here.

    For example if the Slider Width is set to 100% the background of the slider will fill the full width of the page but the slider contents will still be moved around to fill that entire container which could be bigger than your preview.

    If you set the Layers Container option however it gives you a pixel value that the layers are contained inside which should give you more accurate results.




    Thanks Devin.

    Having played around exhaustively with these settings prior to my initial post, as well as with the aid of your advice, my preview slider is still producing results that are inconsistent with the final rendering in terms of:

    1. when the screen is resized (layout breaks – elements overlap or are incomplete)

    2. when viewing the site in different browsers (Chrome (works perfect at 110% Zoom), FF, IE9 and above – layout breaks – elements overlap or are incomplete or are in the incorrect position) and,

    3. when viewing the site on different devices (iPad, iPhone)

    Also, due to the amount of layers (only 8), editing each layer is cumbersome and time consuming since I can’t change the layer name to something applicable to the element on that layer. I have since used other tactics to overcome this (using lock and hide icons, clicking on the element in the preview window), however, I still have to traverse through the layers to edit the desired element.

    I will be playing around with the slider today in the hope of addressing (further) some of these issues, in which case, they maybe be moot points when you read this post or view my page: http://teroopuatawhai.com/community/



    To avoid the broken layout please go to LayerSlider WP > Slides > Global Options > Basic > Layers Container. Define a specific width in pixel. You should do this step before adding any elements. This will ensure that the elements are always align on the center of the slider.




    Thanks Ismael, but i’ve already done that…. My global settings are as follows:

    Slider width: 1800px

    Slider height: 150px

    Responsive: Disabled

    Full-width slider: Enabled

    Responsive under: 0px (only because of the advice next to this setting – “Important! If you enter a value higher than 0, the normal responsive mode will be switched off automatically!”

    Layers Container: 1200px

    It works the way it’s supposed to in Chrome and FF at 100% zoom only… I’m still experiencing problems, in particular, when the screen is resized (layout breaks – elements overlap or are incomplete)

    I have made slight modifications since my last post including:

    1. adding height and width dimensions using css i.e width:200px; height:150px; opacity: .40;

    2. transferred the above dimensions into the “padding” fields

    3. transferred all field entries into css i.e width:200px; height:150px; margin-left: 200px; margin-top: 0px; background-color: #000; opacity: .40; – inconsistent results

    4. targeted each layer element in Quick css and added the appropriate css styling

    5. used <div><span> and HTML

    None of these corrected and of the issues in any significant way…

    Lastly, and most importantly, further testing concluded that, DISABLING the Responsive setting fixed nearly every single issue that I was experiencing except when the screen is resized (layout breaks – elements overlap or are incomplete).


    I’m not really sure where there is a disconnect happening but if you import the dummy data this is the settings for the slide with the various screens which will keep the whole thing properly responsive



    I’ve also experienced similar problems with layer slider when explicitly setting pixel widths. Text is aligned perfectly using pixel values in the preview window, but this doesn’t appear the same when viewed on the live site. Also, the layer slider interface seems very buggy to me. Frequently when I select a layer and click on a tab it will take me to the top of the wordpress interface page (like an anchor) instead of opening the required option area of the layer.


    I also can’t seen to edit the layer names. Any ideas why?



    You can actually implement a new slider if you find the LayerSlider difficult to use.





    Ismael, why the hell would I pay for another damn slider???!!! I find your advise pathetic to say the least. I’ve clearly demonstrated my resolve to get the layerslider working in a manner according to certain design parameters – all which seem to fail as a result of using Layerslider. Furthermore, I think layerslider is very easy to use and that the interface is quite intuitive and the documentation extensive – it’s unfortunate that my slider designs are clearly beyond the capacity of layerslider to execute in manner that I expect….! Please don’t help any further, unless you’re prepared to outlay the necessary cost and time in terms of implementation of new slides…!

    @Devin – Firstly, let me be clear in saying that all these problems started occurring after the last layerslider update. Everything was working perfectly prior to that, including the ability to change layer names….


    Hi rmatene,

    There is no need to be aggressive with any of the support team here on the forums. Support for content from all of Envato’s network is voluntary by the author and Ismael was suggesting an alternative to “designprime” who expressed difficulty in using the LayerSlider plugin.

    As I said above, I don’t know where the disconnect is happening on your end but using the settings above and a slide I’m not having any issues on preview vs live. LayerSlider is a plugin which is included in the theme but support for its actual functionality isn’t something we can really offer (we didn’t write it).

    The best thing I can suggest would be to try re-making your slide(s) and test each step to see where the disconnect is happening on preview vs live.





    I’m having the same problem . . . the slides look perfect when styling in the edit mode, but looking at the slides live the elements are out of position.

    I have copied the global settings, line by line, from the demo content. The demo slides render correctly when changing browser sizes, but my new slider doesn’t, despite the exact “mirror” of the global settings.

    Any ideas?


    Can we see your site live? It could be the content, the layer positioning or something else entirely.

    If you could also create a temporary admin account for me I’ll log in and take a look.

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) gmail.com. Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    I’m having the same issue. I copied a layer three times and each layer renders differently (plays different size font, and location moves even though they are all the same) Looks perfect in preview. If the old version works can we get a copy to fix.


    I tested an old version I had but got the old jquery issue so put back the current version. Devon i sent you access to my site via email.




    If anyone else has issues with the LayerSlider just make a new topic and describe the issues with a link to your site.

    There have been 3 different issues in this topic alone so I don’t want to have any more accidentally piled in and have the differences confused or overlapped :)



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