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    Hi there,

    Lately, I have encountered a scaling issue with the responsive design of the Layerslider. It was working fine up to (including) version 4.0 of Enfold (4.0.2 was probably fine too), but things must have gone wrong with one of the March updates, when Layerslider got updated as well.

    Just open on a mobile device. The globe image in the center of the layerslider will fill the whole screen, while the rest of the slider is missing, because there’s no scaling happening. I can provide screenshots, if it’s not obvious, or just check
    This used to work fine, as explained.

    Looking forward to a fix. Thanks!


    Nevermind, I appear to have fixed it by clicking on “fixed size”, then going back to “responsive” in the layout category in the slider settings.



    We are happy you got it short out.
    We hope we can help with something else in the feature.

    Thank you very much


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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