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    I cannot get my background for the layerslider to accommodate anything but full screen. I bought this because I want it to adapt to the many screen sizes. I looked and the sliders that came with Enfold and my settings are exactly the same but my background immediately shrinks to a smaller size when you make your browser window smaller. Here is my website so far:

    I did see the response about not making the background of the slider a picture and just making it a layer but I could not manage that, it stayed in it’s original size. Can you help?



    Hi ann_bailey!

    Thank you for using the theme.

    At this moment, I’m not entirely sure of what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Please post a screenshot of how you want the slider to look like. You can use imgur, dropbox etc.

    Regarding the slider, please edit the slide settings then set the Slider width in pixels, something like 1200px. On Fullwidth Slider Settings, set the Responsive under to 1600px then the Layers Container option to 1200px. This should constrain the layers on a specific width. Add the image as layers. If you think layer slider can’t accomplish what you want, you can try the Revolution Slider.

    Best regards,



    Here is a link to the two screenshots.

    The first, in full screen, shows everything beautifully. The second, when I make the browser in a smaller screen shows that the background picture is not covering the whole slideshow anymore and just looks like a picture in the background. Can you help me format it so the background picture stays full screen no matter the screen size?

    Sorry it took me so long to get back, out of town.

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    All of the LayerSlider slideshow settings are separate from those within the theme since it is a separate plugin that is just included with the theme. So with LayerSlider you would use its own settings on that individual slider in “Slider Settings” menu.

    For the individual slides you can have a slide background which should always take up the background of the slide but the elements on top of it, those layers under the slideshow preview, would adapts based on the settings for each.

    Best regards,

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