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    I have created a layer slider and trying to use in a text block/or in a sidebar with the sortcode but is not working.

    for example thats the sortcode my trying to put this in sidebar nothing.
    [layerslider id=”9″]


    Hey Albulushi!

    The LayerSlider shortcode is not functional. You need to use the Advance Layout Builder to insert the slider. You can’t place them inside Layout Elements like Columns and Color Section.



    wow so i can just use for slideshow? any plans to fix this issue.



    It is not an issue it is intended to be fullwidth. You can use Easy slider if you do not want to use fullwidth slider

    Best regards,


    Is there a way to over ride not being able to place an advanced layer slider into a color section?

    I want the layer slider to be transparent, and the background image to be fixed so that scrolling through the site creates a parallax effect.



    No, not that I know of. Its a pretty firm limitation in how everything gets rendered by the theme and items stack to keep it all responsive/cross browser compatible.



    great Theme, i’d like to put the same Request.



    You can request features here

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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